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Is there someone on your team that doesn’t seem to appreciate the great job they have?  Do you need to revamp an existing sales department or change focus? The Sales Athlete, Inc.® has consulted with scores of companies helping them to understand their sales and marketing challenges and construct a low risk action plan.

The Sales Athlete training programs will quickly improve your sales muscle and closing strength. Recommended for bright success driven beginners, and the seasoned professional whose “success will not be denied” regardless of selling hurdles, curves or a deep rolling consumer recession.

Upon completion of The Sales Athlete Sales Trainings, management will discover a new team spirit. Peer pressure to perform at a high standard of professional excellence will become a primary motivator.

Participants will learn to:

  • Get your ideas to the top
  • Establish rapport, build trust and uncover client objectives
  • Create the need to buy your portfolio of products
  • Position your company across categories and brands
  • Present powerfully on their feet
  • Close and service accounts


Kathy Aaronson, Chief Executive
Kathy Aaronson is the founder and Chief Executive of The Sales Athlete, Inc.®, focused on media, entertainment and technology. She is the author of The Golden Apple (John Wiley & Sons, Inc), Selling on the Fast Track, How to Become a Sales Athlete (Putnam/Berkley), and the acclaimed, Kathy Aaronson’s Compensation Guide (SW7, Ltd).

Kathy began her executive sales career with Cosmopolitan magazine and went on to spearhead the sales and marketing efforts as Associate Publisher of Fairchild’s “W”, before turning her full-time efforts to The Sales Athlete, Inc.®.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Active IAB Committee/Council Member: Multicultural Committee, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, Podcast Task Force, DOOH Task Force, Social, Mobile, Video, Games Committees
  • SheRunsIt-Advertising Woman of New York: Awards Nominating Committee
  • Women Advancing: Executive Council: Chapter Development Chair
  • Women in Media Mentoring Initiative(WIMMI): Executive Council, Chapter Development Chair
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists: Lifetime Member
  • WebGrrls International Southern California: Chapter Leader
  • Los Angeles Business Journal: Recognized as A Woman Making a Difference
  • Web Grrls International: WebGrrl of the Week
  • Inducted in to the National Association of Women Business Owners Millennium Hall of Fame

Commitment to Diversity

Our passion for diversity recruitment is intricately woven into the legend of The Sales Athlete, Inc.®. From bright beginners to C-level executives, we are passionate about identifying outstanding talent with cultural understanding and expertise. The Sales Athlete, Inc.® enjoys a rich history of promoting the growth and development of talent regardless of race, age, gender, or religion.