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  • testLisa Bowers

    Director at US Green Building Council


    “Kathy is an astute business executive who understands how organizations scale and drive profits. She is sought after by leading executives across the media and technology universe for her delivery of top sales, marketing and management talent and her solid down-to-earth, practical advice.”

  • testBianca N. Crimi

    Category Manager at Walmart eCommerce


    “I met Kathy at AWNY’s Advertising Career Conference back in 2012. She was teaching a class called “Nothing Happens Until You Learn How To Sell Yourself: How To Get A Great Job In A Tough Market.” I remember this being the first class I went to for the conference and I was blown away by how motivational and inspiring Kathy was. I walked out of the 1 hour class and felt so confident and ready to apply for my first NYC summer internship in retail, which at the time was very competitive. I directly followed up with Kathy via email and LinkedIn after the conference and she helped me obtain an internship with Giorgio Armani through her unique teaching principles.

    It has been 5 years and I still remain in touch with Kathy for career/job advice. I HIGHLY suggest all past AWNY attendants to stay in touch with Kathy if you want to succeed in the job you get.”

  • testJillian Moss

    Senior Project Manager at VaynerMedia


    “Kathy and I met through the Advertising Woman of New York group and she has been instrumental in my career growth since the moment we started working together. She’s a true expert at what she does and I’d recommend her to anyone. Her diverse experience gives her a full picture of the marketplace that allows her to help in any situation or industry. The best part about Kathy is her dedication and care for each individual she works with. She always makes the time to talk, even if she’s traveling.”

  • testAlan Toman

    CMO, VP Business Development at MyCosmik


    “I have known Kathy for over 20 years and she is one of the most connected individuals I’ve ever met — a true mavin, who connects people, ideas and concepts. She has common sense that’s not so common, and creates results that are surprising in their originality. She is always on the leading edge of trends and technologies. If you ever need a go-to person, you need to know Kathy.”

  • testKelly Hall

    Brand Marketer


    “To say that I had good fortune the year I was paired with Kathy Aaronson through AWNY’s Mentoring Program in 2006 is an absolute understatement. Over the years, Kathy has been my valued “Voice of Reason” for a number of big decisions. With her powerful gift of empathy, Kathy has the innate ability to hone in on any hurdle and deliver a solve instantly.

    Kathy is sought after for placing the highest level of talent in the sales, marketing, management and digital sphere–and always delivers above and beyond!”

  • testJess Mendes

    Give me a museum and I'll fill it ― Picasso


    “I can vividly recall my first interaction with Kathy at the AWNY Career Conference three years ago. In that 30-min workshop, Kathy equipped me with vital career building tips –more than any guidance counselor ever had. We stayed in touch throughout the remainder of my senior year of college and into my first job. I’d recommend Kathy to anyone without hesitation. She is an outstanding mentor! Her brilliant advice, exceptional style and down-to-earth personality make her one of kind.”

  • testMary Rowland-Doud

    Google Advisor at N3


    “Kathy was instrumental in my career change from a professional ballerina to the corporate world of sales many years ago. She was a great mentor encouraging me to believe in myself so I could transform many of the disciplines of my art form to the art of selling. She enabled me to see that performing physically was very much the same as performing verbally in the world of sales.

    I recommend her highly especially her wisdom to artists and athletes!!”

  • testLynn Zalokar

    Conference & Meetings Professional | Membership Services | Mentoring Program Facilitator


    “I knew Kathy right from the start, during my tenture at Advertising Women of New York (AWNY). She is a dynamic, personable, rock star! Kathy’s expertise as a recruiter and knowledge about the job search process served AWNY in so many ways. Kathy has been a workshop speaker several times at AWNY’s Advertising Career Conference for college students, inspiring the future talent of the industry. She always participated in the mentoring program (frequently taking on additional mentees). Many AWNY members and those in the industry have benefitted from AWNY events where Kathy spoke on her signature topic: salary negotiation. Kathy also sponsored several AWNY events. Kathy has always been a true AWNY supporter, consummate professional and an exemplary member of the advertising and communication industries!”

  • testAndrea Rota

    Spirit Mind Body Consultant | Spiritual Healer


    “There is not enough time and space to give Kathy an adequate recommendation. Kathy is not your typical executive search recruiter; she is a motivational speaker, a career coach, an intuitive and a friend. She very quickly understood my interests, strengths and needs and was able to place me in a perfectly suited role. I was so impressed with my experience with Sales Athlete; I had confidence in the company I was interviewing with knowing they chose Kathy to represent them. If you have the opportunity to work, speak, or meet Kathy, consider yourself blessed!”

  • testMichelle Rosenberg

    Integrated Marketing Strategist


    “Kathy’s insights and support provides both those looking to hire and those looking to find a new career challenge, clarity and creativity to making smart employment decisions. She simplifies the multi-faceted challenges of recruitment.”

  • testChristian Gray

    Revenue Driver | Advisor | Problem Solver | Connector | Partner at Atlas


    “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kathy Aaronson throughout my career. I knew immediately that Kathy wasn’t your typical recruiter, and now I have clarity on several factors that makes Kathy and The Sales Athlete exceptional. 1) Caring deeply about her clients, partners and employees 2) Ability to fully empathize with candidates about motivations in life and their career choices 3) She is curious and is always learning industry insights, corporate intelligence and trends that will impact her clients’ ecosystem 4) Willingness to share with others, through her books, hundreds of courses and thousands of individual sessions with clients. I recommend any hiring manager looking for top sales and management talent to turn to Kathy Aaronson and The Sales Athlete.”

  • testKathy Newberger

    Sales and Business Development Executive / Writer


    “Kathy Aaronson is the definition of added value. Since meeting through the IAB a few years ago, we’ve been in the habit of introducing each other to people and companies the other would appreciate. She is a kind and creative connector, seeing the value in people beneath their surface, and suggesting ways to make that value more visible. She sees the sweet in the oddly-shaped peach. Cannot recommend her, The Sales Athlete, and her writing, strongly enough, and hope that you are lucky enough to work with her.”

  • testSteve Arthur

    President, Ryokan College


    “Whenever I connect with Kathy, she offers creditable and incisive advice. She’s an original thinker.”

  • testKathleen Brady

    Writer and Researcher


    “Kathy Aaronson is an original, insightful thinker who strategizes effectively for all her clients. Always two steps ahead, she helps the rest of us catch up.”

  • testJayson Goldberg

    President, Advisory/Sales at dash


    “Working with (and knowing) Kathy is a gift. She has a way of guiding your understanding around the value of your skills and ideas to yourself and others. Kathy is a go to person when negotiating compensation.”

  • testLynne Segall

    Executive Vice President, Group Publisher at The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard


    “I have used the services of the Sales Athlete for over 20 years and hired many people from their company. I have found their recruiting process to be the gold standard based upon how they vet candidates, pursue candidates for an assignment and have a satisfaction guarantee policy after the candidate is hired. The Sales Athlete is relentless in finding the right sales talent for an organization based upon their sales DNA. They do their homework to make sure they serve up the best candidates and work very hard to woo people away from companies that may not even be looking to leave. Big recommendation from me in using their services.”

  • testMadelyn Alpert Roberts

    VP Sales at and Peanut Labs


    “It is inspiring to speak with Kathy. She is armed with up to the minute corporate news and opportunities and sets you on the path to success. Kathy has her compass on identifying and promoting “the best you.” Her professionalism is unparalleled.”

  • testMelissa Skipworth

    Event Technology Expert | Audio Visual Rentals | National Turnkey AV Event Design & Production


    “Over the course of the last four years Kathy has been an incredible resource and mentor to me. She gives selflessly invaluable advice from her wealth of knowledge and experience. I can’t think of anyone I trust more as a mentor, teacher as well as a friend. Not to mention her methods in sales coaching are extremely effective.

    I have had the honor and privilege of developing the Las Vegas Chapter of Women Advancing with Kathy and cannot think of anyone better to stand along side to promote the future growth of Women Advancing in Las Vegas and around the US.”

  • testJulia Robinson Cunningham

    Head of Creative Strategy at


    “I’ve had the pleasure of having Kathy as a mentor for 5+ years; from the moment we met, I knew she was going to have an impact on my life. Kathy is a true expert in helping people navigate their careers. She is insanely smart in all things advertising, infectiously energetic and one the most caring individuals I’ve ever met. Her advice comes from equal parts experience and intuition, and she has been there every step of the way throughout the big and small changes in my life as a coach & friend.”

  • testAdam Johnson

    Mitre Media, Vice President of Sales


    “I look to Kathy as a leader in the digital media space. She is truly a master of her craft and it has been my pleasure to know and continue to grow our careers together. Every meeting we have, I leave fueled with a fresh and inspired view on the digital space that we share and would recommend her to anyone looking for executive support in driving their business.”

  • testCharlotte Lipman

    Director of Client Services - b2b research and strategy


    “Kathy has been an invaluable source of knowledge in my time working with her over the past couple years. As my mentor through She Runs It’s (formerly AWNY) mentorship program, Kathy has offered sound, actionable advice for which I am so grateful. Kathy is the go-to for career guidance – her extensive insight into the media industry and its opportunities is exceptional.”

  • testAddie Mrosla

    Director of Creative Services, Pearson Clinical Assessment; University of Minnesota MBA Candidate, Class of 2019


    “Oh…where to start. Here’s the shorthand: Kathy was and still remains the best career coach and recruiter I’ve ever had.”

    “Kathy’s savvy and charming enough—she could probably get anyone a job anywhere—but that’s not how reputations are made nor what Kathy is about. She truly found a good fit for me and my company: right person at the right time.”

    “When I tell people about my experience with Kathy, it feels make-believe. I’ve been in my position for over two years, and now that I have some distance and perspective on how I got this role and where I am now, I can confidently say: Kathy’s got the goods!”

  • testAmber Cunha

    "Explorer, Adventurer, Flow Seeker, Firewalker, Student of the World"


    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathy over the past 14 years. She is smart, witty, forthcoming, full of great ideas and most importantly has a keen interest in truly helping people. Kathy was instrumental in the trajectory of my career and I can honestly say I would not be where I am without her help and guidance. Thank you Kathy!!!”

  • testAllen Horwitz

    Technology Evangelist - "Geek Who Speaks" - "Gearhead"


    “Kathy Aaronson had a powerful influence on the trajectory of my career. I was fortunate to have been introduced to her during the transition I was making from engineering into sales. She was able to guide me through the the process artfully and her incite about me and how I fit into a variety of positions was always perfect. Kathy is a master of her craft, she is a profoundly inspirational leader and she never fails to be a great resource. I will be forever grateful for her mentorship..”

  • testChristina Jean Durante

    Founder & Creative Director at Femmes San Peur


    “Kathy came into my life like a force of nature, shifting my world. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. With Kathy, there is only sunlight, making herself available to me 24/7. She has played such an integral part mentoring me for the betterment of my company Femmes Sans Peur and myself as a person. The fountain of knowledge she brings to the table does not dry up but wells over in abundance. Myself and husband (who is also my business partner) are eternally grateful for all of the keys to success that Kathy has instilled in us thus far, allowing us to unlock doors we did not know existed. Her wisdom, ideas and excitement about life in general are electric. Kathy continues to aid the development of FSP as well as my career as a designer, constantly connecting me to incredible people who can and are willing to help us climb this latter together. Her advise is invaluable. I am so happy to call her my mentor and my friend. She is a true inspiration and I will hold her near and dear always!”

  • testSusan Pekich

    Hilton & Hyland, Broker Associate / Domain LLC, Partner


    “I have known Kathy for more than twenty years and she is easily one of the most savvy business leaders and mentors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Kathy’s genuine advice and guidance was always available to me regardless of my career path, but more than that so was her friendship which was invaluable to me and I am sure so many others. She is a true inspiration, and has for so long masterfully managed a constant flow of connections, ideas and opportunities for so many of us aspiring to do what we love. To this day she is one of my most profound resources. She never fails to have something new and impactful to tell me, or an idea to share, but her first question is always what can she do to help me. To say I am grateful for her is an understatement. She is truly remarkable.”

  • testEllen Abramowitz

    Principal at EFA Global Connect - Strategic Brand Partnerships


    “I love Kathy! She has given me the best career advice and guidance over the years. In fact, she has helped me more than anyone navigate through challenging issues and has provided solid and honest feedback and direction. Kathy also has her finger on the pulse of so many industries, what they are looking for and how to position yourself for success. It would be great to have a daily dose of her encouragement and insight.”